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re: genderswap AU

In Gal's world, the main party, Ion, and the God-Generals are all swapped. (Florian and Original Ion by extension.) Everyone else (Ginji, Noelle, Pere, the king + Duke Fabre, etc) remain the same as in canon, with slightly different relationships to the main characters.

Gal has an older brother, Maribellius Radan Gardios, instead of an older sister.


Luke fon Fabre -> Lucia fon Fabre
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear -> Nathaniel Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
Jade Balfour Curtiss (no change)
Tear Grants [Mystearica Aura Fende] (no change, because oh god don't make me think of something new)
Anise Tatlin (no change)

Fon Master Ion (no change)

Florian -> Flora

Van Grants [Vandesdelca Musto Fende] (no change)
Legretta the Quick -> Regret the Quick (I am lazy shut up)
Largo the Black Lion -> Larga the Black Lion (again shut up)
Sync the Tempest (no change)
Arietta the Wild -> Aritto the Wild
Dist the Reaper [ROSE!!/Saphir Wyon Neis] (no change)
Asch the Bloody (no change)


Queen of Hearts Application

Player Information
Name: Enzel
Personal Journal: stormfallen
Contact Info: AIM: Terra in Pyjamas | Plurk: pyjamaterra
Other Characters: Xion, Claire Bennett

Character Information
Name: Gailardia Galan Gardios (Gal Cecil, originally Guy Cecil)
Source Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Age: 21
Role In Canon: main character's best friend, main party member
Justification: I've been playing canon Guy for several years now, and have just recently started exploring the idea of genderswaps. He makes a very interesting candidate because of his very specific position in a male-dominated society, as well as his fear of women. Reversing that, I have never played a character with androphobia before, especially one that is strong in so many other ways, which is not a typical depiction.

History: wiki

She will be taken from shortly after the battle with Van at the Absorption Gate, after she's settled into living as a noble again.

Changes: To preserve the events of her childhood, Gal would have had an older brother instead of an older sister, and would have been shielded by him and several manservants instead of maids. While the root of her phobia would be the same, however, it would affect her in a different way from her male counterpart. There is an unfortunate double-standard where a man being afraid of women is seen as amusing, as demonstrated when Guy was teased by his party members. However, a woman afraid of men would have to struggle even more, as most of the authority figures she'd have to answer to would be male.

Especially a woman bent on revenge, and while as a boy Guy was the heir to his family, Gal's brother would have been, and that fact most likely weighs on her. While women on Auldrant aren't considered incapable of fighting, the society is still mostly patriarchal. More emphasis is put on Luke/Asch becoming king instead of Natalia becoming Queen, the ruler of Malkuth is male, and despite the founder of the Order of Lorelei being female, most of the knights and high-ranking positions are filled by men. Women are relegated to spellcasters and healers.

The exception of this is the God-Generals, two of which are female, but they were hand-picked by Van, who despite his faults does not seem to have a gender bias. He looks at people in terms of their usefulness to him above anything else.

As a side note, the name she takes to hide her heritage, "Gal", would be from her middle name (Galan) instead of her first, to preserve the original (perhaps unintentional) pun.

Personality: Gal generally comes off as an easygoing, friendly young woman. She's very patient, having spent most of her life practically raising a spoiled, bratty noble girl. She makes an effort to get along with everyone she meets, but that often translates into almost doormat-like behavior. It's unclear whether she's just used to life as a servant, or if she does it consciously, but she has a tendency to let people push her around concerning minor, everyday things. She indulges children or childlike people especially, probably because they remind her of her young charge.

When push comes to shove, however, she will stand her ground. She's competent in battle and while she dislikes hurting others, she'll do what's necessary to protect the people she cares about. Once you gain her trust and loyalty, it's hard to get rid of her. The biggest thing that sets her temper off is self-deprecating behavior; she can't stand it when people put themselves down. She'll even resort to hitting her friends to smack some sense into them, and she doesn't pull her punches.

Most of the time, however, she has the unfortunate problem of being too nice. She tends to compliment people sincerely, and without thinking, especially men. This leads to misunderstandings where they think she's flirting with them, and they tend to get a little closer than she's comfortable with. Because of the horrific events of her childhood, she has an irrational fear of men (thanks to having their dead bodies piled on top of her). Basically, having any male within five or so feet of her will cause her to back away, scream, or start shaking uncontrollably. Eventually, she learns to deal with her fear when the memory of what caused it returns. She still gets startled by sudden male contact, but it doesn’t prevent her from saving one of her companions’ lives when he’s in danger.

While Gal is usually laid-back, she does get genuinely excited about technological things, to the point where it could be called an obsession. She loves talking about and tinkering with machines, and tends to go off into her own little world when she gets really into something.


Gal is more or less a normal human, with a few exceptions. She's trained in her family's swordfighting style, the Sigmund Style, and is approaching mastery of it. It involves the used of a curved, katana-like blade, as well as the sheath held in the wielder's non-dominant hand, which is used to aid in both defensive and offensive maneuvers.

The people of Auldrant can also manipulate fonons, which are representations of the elements. While Gal is not a spellcaster, she can perform "artes" by incorporating those elements into her sword strikes.


[this entire thing screams of the kind of prank the Emperor would pull, and she managed to find her clothes and sword, so she's not as worried as she could be. Still, the tall young woman keeps a careful hand near her belt as she crouches down to greet the cat that approaches her, not noticing the mirror at first.]

Where did you come from? One of His Majesty's...?

[she unrolls the scroll with gloved hands, frowning at it.]

Queen of--there aren't any Queens, so what--

[a metallic clanking sound interrupts her, and she turns, instantly on guard. She relaxes, however, when the source of the noise comes into view. The metal dog waves its tail creakily and sits down on its haunches, one of the few stray robots left over from Antikythera's unintentional invasion.]

[The woman's expression changes from suspicion to fascination in a matter of seconds, the scroll forgotten. The cat regards her with an offended flick of its ears and wanders off.]

Look at you. You are gorgeous. Could use some oil on those joints, and a good polish, but...what kind of motor are you running on? It must be tiny, and everything's fit together with such precision--

[she crouches by the automaton, reaching out to lift a paw, pat its head, tilting her own to study it from different angles. So much for being concerned about getting kidnapped.]

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